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Back with a BANG!

King's Copse V Shirley Tornados Well after a week off for bad weather and a loss the week before that we really needed to turn up as a team today and play like we knew as Tornados we could. First half, We made some big changes to our starting line up with a start going to the ever improving Dillon, we made some changes on the wings and put layton in the middle. We got off to a great start with Farahad catching the keeper in no man's land and a great finish over the keeper to make it 1 nil in 3 mins. From there we settled into the game really working hard all over the pitch with some passes strung together which we've been working on in training. Towards half time Kings copse got in behind the defence and made it 1-1 with a good finish. We were straight back on it however with jayden and farahad breaking through and jayden finishing the move off with a goal. 3 mins left till half time and we had another couple of chances but unfortunately we couldn't finish it off. 2nd half. We made some more changes this half as it was cold and I think the weather saw us look a little slow a times. This half King's copse had a lot more attacks, breaking through the defence when we were caught out of position a couple of times and threatening to score from corners too. Kira this half came into her own making save after save as we know she can. Alfie was making a nuisance of himself up front and was unlucky not to score with a couple of opportunities. We started to get back into the half with Michael pulling strings in the middle, Michael played a lovely ball out to farahad who crossed a peach of a ball into the middle with Jayden just not getting enough on it. Shortly after a PENALTY was awarded to King's copse.....dubious but I've seen them given and i guess with a home ref its going to go with the home team. For me Archies hands were within the frame of his body....thankfully kira scared the lad with her dominant display that he hit it wide...justice served. We played out the half with 4 at the back with layla, Michael, Harvey and Theo all bring the 3 points home safely. Tornados, it's so hard after a week off and a week where we had a disappointing result BUT we turned up in freezing weather and played as a TEAM working so hard for each other. Super proud of you all. Big game next week against Hamble and hopefully we can all turn up and continue our fight in this league. Up the Tornados 🌪 ⚽️🙌

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