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Hedge end hawks v Tornados Yellow's

Our first away win and 3pts banked 🌪⚽️🌪

Well well team, that was like watching a heavy weight boxing with two sides slugging it out 🤣👊⚽️

The pitch was a disaster with long grass and yet somehow still cut grass left on top on the ground which made it a nightmare to control passes and stay on our feet. Before the match I asked them to all think about each other as team mates and no matter what to never give up, and to be fair they never did.

The 1st half we started on the back foot with them carving a hole right through the middle to score 1v1 and take the lead. That sent a shock up the players I think and we responded well as a team having several efforts go just wide or over before Jayden and Ruby combined for jayden to score our opener (15th min) and we were back level 1-1. We went on to dominate the rest of the first half however not capitalising on our chances so we came in 1-1 HT

Team talk at half time was clear, this was the first game we hadn't come in leading so they all had to dig deep to get back ahead but more importantly we discussed that if we lead coming into last 10 mins we we will go 4 at the back and drop and defend.

2nd half

Great start by the kids really positive play dillon and Jack in midfield holding the ball up nicely and moving it around and Jack getting Ruby through on goal to score (36th min)our 2nd goal 2-1 on. This lead was short lived as we let the Hawks back in the game with a long ball straight over the top for another 1v1 against kira. 2-2

BUT great credit to Tornados they dug deep and battled so hard getting the lead back 5 mins later Jayden scoring his second 3-2 Tornados 45mins gone.

We made a few more changes to try and freshen legs up and try and put our control on the game these next 15 mins were difficult with a clear pen being denied before a long range shot slipped through kiras hands (it was so wet and slippery) to make it 3-3 on the 51st min.........Again the Tornados just pulled thier socks up and dug deep several players having shots before Jayden got 1v1 and finished off well to take the lead again 4-3 55th min. We then chucked everyone deep, and for 5 mins to try and settle the ball and were we could waste time and run the clock down the last mins seem to last forever but the battling Tornados held on to thier first away win 🏆


Jayden ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Ruby ⚽️


Jack x 2

Ruby x 1

Player of the match, Ruby absolutely fantastic effort from start to finish scoring 1 assisting 1 and generally making yourself a nuisance up front to allow Jayden more space to run into goal. A great effort well done Ruby 👏

Parents player of the match, Jack...all over the pitch as always with a engine to match any, important tackles and a never give up attitude. Well done Jack. 👏

A great team 3 pts today, I know I push these kids hard....its only because I believe they have fantastic potential if they all work hard for each other 👊⚽️👊

Up the Tornados 🌪 🙌 ⚽️

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