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Shirley Tornados vs Hiltingbury

So the game got off to a tough start with both teams trying to work each other out.

But as always it didn't take long to break the deadlock with Dylan sending it home from a bit of wing play from John.

With hiltingbury being one down to the tornados they decided to get more physical towards are players. Now this where it gets interesting with a foul on the edge of the box the linesman decides to get involved in a altercation with the ref and Daniel. Then there was a pitch invader what's going on jenna ??? Jenna calls a chat between all coaches and managers Then it was all back to normal with tornados🌪 scoring straight from the restart with John burying his chance infront of goal. 3 nil half time. Second half is now underway with the team giving a task of keeping a clean sheet if possible and exactly that . Another great defending performance was on show today with Ryan catching everything that come at him in goal. But the game is all about a special player who torn Hiltingbury to shreds today with 3 goals and 3 assist and the linking up play with noah is becoming very scary. Johns performance today was on another level with his speed calm finishing powerful strength and making the game a comfortable 6-0 another 3 points and still unbeaten 💪 onto the next


Written by coach , Mike


John ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Noah ⚽️⚽️

Dylan ⚽️


John 🌪️🌪️🌪️

Zachary 🌪️

Tommy W 🌪️

MOTM 🏆 John Saunders

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