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Shirley Tornados yellow vs Hamble

Well we weren't sure today if we would get a game, rain predicted and it fell right up until we got onto the pitch then from no where glorious sunshine.

Today we knew it would be tricky against top of the table Hamble who we knew were going to be a rough team and we weren't shocked to see that they loved up to that.

First half, we played some nice football in slippery conditions breaking them down at the back several times but we were just off target and lacked the composure we found easier in the first 2 games. Kira made some class saves coming off her line like we worked on in training and she was determined to keep that number 9 out and what a job she did. Just before coming in to the half time chat the ball bobbles around in the penalty area not for the first time that half, Jayden and Ruby both pouncing on the ball but it was Ruby that tucked it away with that striker mentality....give me Ruby over Haaland anytime 👊⚽️

2nd half, we frustrated Hamble they started to get more and more dirty with their tackles bringing Farahad, layton, jayden and others down over and over this then lead to us earning a penalty Layton stepped up to take but unfortunately just wide of the target. Kira again making herself big in goal with another 2 fantastic saves in the 2nd half....Into the last 6 mins and we conceded 😥 (same timing as the week before) we tried and tried with all our might to find a winner breaking away with Ruby squaring it to Jack that could only get a left foot shot away which looked to be going over the line before thier defender came from nowhere to rescue Hamble. And so the final whistle blew 1-1.

Ruby ⚽️

Guys for a team that have mostly players that have never played for a football team you are all doing amazing, 3 games unbeaten were mixing it with established teams and as the weeks go on we will only grow stronger.

Player of the match: Kira 100% kept us in this match some fantastic movement and was exactly where you needed to be on each save. 🙌⚽️🌪

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