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Shirley Tornados Yellows vs Kings Copse

Well we got we what deserved today Yellows and that's a MASSIVE 3 pts in the bag.

We had a good chat midweek with two training sessions working on our speed and work rate. We'll didn't that show were all working so hard and as a team you should be all feeling proud.

This week I asked our team to play a little narrower and our midfield to play in different channels I also switched the wingers this week to allow them to cut in and have more chances.

First half

we were off to a flyer started fast with Jayden picking the ball up and just kept running at the goal and within 16 mins Jayden had scored a hattrick.

Our defence was playing lovely sweeping up all that was lose and not needing reminding to move up and down guys you really controlled that. We had several excellent corners from theo narrowly not paying off but they will come, Just before halftime Ruby who had been working her butt off broke free to score and take us into half time 4 nil up and no less then we deserved.

2nd half

2nd half we started like the first really quick and high energy Ruby smashing in a ping pong ball that was dying to be scored in the box. The next 15 mins were quiet with legs beginning to burn but Ruby broke away with Jack who both bared down on goal and Ruby being the composed striker finishing to make her hat trick and us up 6 nil.

The last 6 mins we struggled for energy and had too many players committed ahead of the ball, possibly I should have made a tactical change and put 4 at the back but were all learning out there. We conceded 3 sloppy goals BUT that didn't define our game. We were by far the better team and if we put that much work in every week we will be in for a good season.

Ruby x 3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Jayden x 3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Jayden man of the match for his tireless efforts up and down the wing along with his 3 goals. It could have gone to 3 or 4 of you today but we'll done Jayden.

Well done yellows 🟡⚽️🟡⚽️ I'm super proud of you all.

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