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Tornado Reds Vs Hiltingbury Hawks

So on a cold winter afternoon the boys turned up for what we knew would be a tough game but didn’t expect our toughest game this season by far any other team has given us!!

With missing players gave us limited options on the bench!

But nevertheless we marched on and battled on

With our goalkeeper out with a broken hand Aiden stepped in between the goal posts 🙌🏻

The game got off to a battle with both teams trying there best to break the deadlock but with the Hiltingbury goalkeeper stopping all efforts coming his way!

The game continued to be scrappy with both teams trying to gain control of the ball with Mason picking up a knock leon came on to drop at right back as an unusual position but done great to cover till the first half came to a finish 0-0

A nervous, first half due to pressure from Hiltingbury!

2nd half

Hiltingbury got off to a good start nicking a goal before we settled into the restart and put the pressure on us to try and bounce back!

The tornados continued the pressure with attacks but just lacked the finishing touch in the final third!

With a tactical change John was pushed out on the wing and continued to have success getting down the wing with his pace earning corners and dangerous attacks, This resulted in the ball coming into the box with Noah having a shot only to hit a Hiltingbury player and go in for a goal 1-1

With the tornados on a high and looking for a second goal we continued the pressure only for Hiltingbury to break in between our back line and go one on one with our goalkeeper only for Aiden to save the ball that was heading into the bottom corner (wonderful save)

With the continued pressure from the tornados the ball came into the box from a shot only to be saved by the keeper and to hit a Hiltingbury player and roll in for an own goal


With minutes to go and Hiltingbury deflated from their efforts the tornados showed great courage and character to see the game out for 3pts and a step closer towards the end of the season and their main goal!

Well done 👏🏻 🌪️

Unlucky Hiltingbury hawks a great effort and deserved something from the game 👏🏻

POTM 🏆 Aiden Wyeth

PPOTM 🏆 John Saunders

Goal ⚽️ Noah Waller

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