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Tornados v Redbridge

Tornados V Redbridge Pre match: we spoke about not taking any teams for granted and highlighted that Hamble had lost to Hythe the week before. As always we spoke about the team keeping thier shape and working in thier channels. We spoke about how winning the first ball and not watching the ball would be key today. 1st half, For the third week in a row we conceded in the first few mins, a simply run from the striker straight past our defense that couldn't get back in front of the player leaving our GK 1v1. Our first chance fell to jayden who unfortunately couldn't get a real connection on ball when 1v1. Our best chance this half fell to Ruby who striker the crossbar on the 18th min, Then 20 mins in exact replica of the first goal with thier striker bullying there way through our defence with the ball leaving us flat footed and same result 2 nil down. Redbridge were rough in tackles and used thier physical stature to thier advantage today. Half time talk, we talked about how we've scored more then 2 goals in a half many times so this game wasn't out of our grasp, we needed to work harder and faster and stop chatting with the other team as if we were having a friendly. 2nd half, We started this half a little better, dillon working his socks off in the middle and attacking the ball, unfortunately before we could settle into this half they got the ball through the middle again this time archie was able to get back but was unfortunately taken out by another player which left the striker 3 yards from goal to smash it in. 3 nil down. We chucked more players forward looking for a goal that could possibly revive us but it wasn't to be today. Summary: Today we were not at the races, Redbridge were well up for this game and you could tell. We were slow and 2nd to every ball, wether this was down to Redbridge's physicality or our lack of desire for the game I'm unsure. We spent more time laughing around with the opposition that were class mates then trying to figure out how we could win the game. We keep training on passing the ball but we are yet to make this come alive in a game. We have a lot of work to do. This is only our first loss and in this competitive league thier was always going to be a tough day but luckily we have a weeks break now and can hopefully get back to winning ways in 2 weeks time. Player of the match: Dillon, absolutely great lad. He gives 100% everytime he is on the pitch and when he's training too. Dillon is polite and always listens to instructions and strives to deliver them. Exactly what we want and need, well done Dillon ! Parents player, Ruby. Again a really good performance, working hard and looking for opportunities all match long. 👏

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