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Vs Baddesley Park U11

Silent weekend🤫 Let them play

Silent weekend🤫 was great for players and manger with the boys only having instructions during the quarter breaks this gave a great opportunity for the boys to learn and listen while not on the pitch and also give the boys a chance to learn how to play by themselves without instructions 🗣from the manager while in game.

With that said baddesley park put up a great fight 💪🏻with sprit and determination to try and get something from the game.

The tornados 🌪came out with a whirlwind 🌪of attacks determined to try and rectify last weeks results as they felt they should’ve had something from that game.

With corners being worked on in training they wanted to show what they could do and with a lovely cross from Zachary the head of one of the smallest players on the pitch Dylan managed to get up and above everyone else and set him self up for a lovely header.⚽️

The tornados continued to play football how they did last season and showed how well they can play the pass and move game.

The tornados 🌪 made a few tactical changes this week with pace🏃🏻‍♂️💨out on the wing to see what affect it would have in the game and it worked very well with our winger running down the wing and whipping the balls across the goal.

The tornados 🌪 continued there attacks and got there self a penalty, Our team captain Dylan unselfishly handed the ball to Thomas to take the penalty and a lovely clean strike from Thomas it was from the spot.⚽️

As the tornados confidence grew minute by minute the threw balls became unstoppable setting up chance after chance with Cameron picking up a lose ball just outside the area and sent a lovely looping shot over the top of the keeper.⚽️

Then came another potential

🔥Goal of the season🔥 with John picking up a lovely threw ball from Zachary just inside his own half to go round a player to cut back inside and send a bullet of a shot directly in the top corner that not even Alex McCarthy would of stopped ⚽️

With a game that was so well played the three coaches struggle & argued 🤣to pick a MOTM as anyone could of got it but the player that just edged it was Zachary with 2 goals and 2 assists and a great display of football and agreed this is down to his hard work and confidence being sky high!

All in all a great display of football from the tornados the willingness to listen and learn was very professional today 👏🏻

written by coach Lewis

We gather as teammates; we leave as family.

⚽️Goals⚽️: Dylan,Thomas , Zachary, John & Cameron

💪🏻Assists💪🏻: John and Zach

🏆MOTM🏆: Zachary

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