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Vs Hiltingbury Hawks U11

Another fast paced game

The tornados🌪 came out of the starting blocks with non stop attacks & dominating Possession. The Tornados 🌪came so close to scoring countless times in the first 15mins.

Then came the counterattack and a controversial penalty against us. Hiltingbury ⚽️ scored a great penalty to the side of the goal with little chance for our keeper to save 🧤.

The tornados 🌪 still continued to attack Hiltingburys goal 🥅 non stop with some great attacks on the wings and thru the middle of the field.

The halftime whistle came with the Tornados 🌪 feeling a little disappointed with so much effort put in with no chances converted.

With halftime team tactics and a little team talk confidence booster for the boys letting them know there playing good football and creating chance after chance is a good thing even though we didn’t score but meant we were in the right positions during the game.

Then came the second half with attacks down the wing with great success with John whipping in a cross for Dylan slotting home a fantastically worked goal⚽️.

The game continue to go end to end with either team wanting the win even our defender mason aka Kyle Walker Peters 😂 had a few good chances on goal and was unlucky to get himself a goal.

The tornados 🌪 put a lot of pressure on hiltingbury trying to get the win but Hiltingbury broke through the defence to grab them self a goal towards the end off the game.

The tornados 🌪 dusted their selfs off and put the pressure on Hiltingbury again with a ball played into Zachary smashing the ball onto to post and into the back of the net to set the score level and finish the game there.

The boys felt they deserved more from the game and personally I also felt there pain and frustration but things can’t always go your way it’s how you push your selfs to put control in our own hands 🙌🏻 and not others !

We Gather As Team Mates

We Leave As Family

⚽️Goals⚽️ : Dylan & Zachary

💪🏻Assists💪🏻 : John x2

🏆MOTM🏆 : Dylan

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