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Vs Pace Youth U10 Tigers

A great game of football.

Pace started very well and hit us on the counter attack and broke free to have a fair few shots in the first quarter with some success👍🏻.

Shirley Tornados came in after the first quarter and listened to the coaches tactics and some encouragement and went out and got great success in the next quarter and followed that throughout the match perfectly.👌🏻

There was some great end to end football but with the defence on top form there was no problem with them bossing at the back and feeding it out to the midfield.

Our striker had some great success with keeping the pressure off us with his pace and showed it’s not all about scoring goals but setting up the chances as it’s just as rewarding.

The midfielders done extremely well with there tactics with one cutting out wide while the over came into the middle to cover and the General even though he’s only about 4ft tall 🤣 managed to get above every player and get a cracking header at the back of the box from a corner.

All in all a great performance from both teams and a great game to set us up for the weekend tournament at St Mary’s

Well done Shirley Tornados 🌪

MOTM: Michael Brown 🏆

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