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Vs wyvern Dragons The Hard work pays off🏆 League champions 🏆🌪️

With the weather putting the most important game for Shirley Tornados in doubt, Wyvern changed there pitch to an all weather pitch so the kids can still do what they love doing every week , playing a sport they all love Football ⚽️

The game got off to a good tempo with both teams looking to gain control!

Shirley🌪️ showed there ability and it was too be fair frightening 😯sometimes with everyone wanting the ball, to the subs itching to get on and show what they can do 💪🏻

With goals abundance too many to actually remember the buildup to each goal but nevertheless wyvern never gave up and created their self two  goals through hard work! 👏🏻

Key moments in the game that really stood out and made a massive impression where Tommy with his energy to chase every ball and apply his presence and getting a hat trick!💪🏻⚽️⚽️⚽️

John moving out to the wing and dominating , Showing he has ability to get down the wing and cut it back to create chances for others just show how much more he has in his game!

From the goalkeeper to the boys at the back and throughout the team everyone played a great role in this game.

With the main goal to have fun and the bonus to wrap up the league 🏆with brought fun and competitiveness together with the likes of Dylan the Captain wanting to play back in defence with John going on the wing and Liam having a shot upfront and even Leon having a crack left back 💪🏻 shows we can have fun while doing it 🌪️

Have fun ✅

League champions ✅

Completed it mate 🏆🌪️

POTM :John Saunders

PPOTM :Everyone

Goals :John Saunders ⚽️

Noah Waller ⚽️⚽️

Alessandro Cavallo ⚽️⚽️

Tommy Willett ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Dylan Langford ⚽️

Liam Joyner Smith⚽️⚽️

Riley Osman⚽️

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